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Madlax National Youth Fallfest & B'more Fall Classic

November 5, 2017:

TEAMS - 2027 Blue, 2026 Blue, 2022 Blue 

Culminating the second half of a full weekend of fall ball lacrosse, we had three teams competing on Sunday, the 2027, 2026, and 2022 Blue teams. Off of the field, the FCA MD Boys Club received the second Word of the Day for the Fall from our series on Jesus' Sermon on the mount, "Treasure." Which comes from Matthew 6:19-24, with the purpose of evaluating our perspective on where we are truly investing our time, our talent, and our resources 

On the field, the 2027 Blue and 2026 Blue traveled down to Poolesville, MD to play on the "quality grass" Polo Fields at Summer Hill Farm. However, due to the weather the Madlax National Youth Fallfest tournament quickly turned into a mud bowl. Despite mud and the drenched fields, the 2027 Blue and 2026 Blue teams had a fun day!  

The 2027 Blue Team had a solid line up for the day playing Bethesda Blue, the host team Madlax, and the Annapolis Hawks. The day began with an emotional loss against Bethesda, but after wipping the first layer of mud off and finally receiving the team's CPXr helmets the 2027s were ready to go. Going on to make it into the championship game versus the Annapolis Hawks after losing to them just twenty minutes before. Fighting through layers of mud and emotions, the 2027 Blue team fought hard to come to a demanding lead against the number team. Going on to defeat the Hawks, claiming the "Mud Bowl" champions title! 

The 2026 Blue Team started with a solid match up versus the Next Level Spartans that went into overtime. Unfortunately, after a few moments the game was over we the 2026 Blue team on the wrong side. However, that loss fueled the fire for the rest of the day earning themselves two victories, going 2-1 in pool play. Their efforts earned them a chance to play the Next Level Spartans again in the Championship! After another tight game and a competitive match up FCA left in 2nd place.  

The 2022 Blue team stayed close to home on Sunday to compete in the B'more Fall Classic at the Timonium Fairgrounds. With three commanding victories against Crabs, Looneys, and DC Express. With two appearances in the Championship games at the Madlax National Youth Fallfest and an undefeated record by the 2022 Blue team, again we are proud of our teams!

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