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Team Huddles

The goal of the FCA MD Club Program is to provide highly dedicated and skilled youth lacrosse players the opportunity to compete at a high level, develop their skills and God given potential while facilitating intentional opportunities to grow in their relationship with God. To so, with every lacrosse event (i.e. skills and drills, practice, or tournament) there is a ministry component we call a Team Huddle. Our hope that this period of time lead by an FCA Leader is devoted to develop Christ-centered leaders in the lacrosse community who maximize their God-given purpose and potential on and off the field.

As a Club we believe there is more to life than lacrosse. These kids are exposed to situations at a much earlier age. With the rise of social media, drugs and alcohol, and peer pressure our goal with FCA MD Lacrosse is to walk with these players side by side through life and equip these players with a strong foundation that will allow them the comfort and strength to be able to handle any situation that they may face. 

Community Huddles

Once a week, at the FCA Lacrosse office, 8800 Orchard Tree Lane Towson, MD 21286, the Ministry Coordinators (Matt Emerson and Riley DeSmit) host a community huddle for the high school FCA MD players. Just as the Team Huddles aim to accomplish, though the Community Huddles each High School player has a chance to further to develop their ability to be Christ-centered leaders in the lacrosse community who maximize their God-given purpose and potential on and off the field. This weekly time of fellowship serves as an escape from the busy life of sports, school, and social life and allows a time to continue to grow in their relationship with each other and most importantly Jesus Christ. 

Check out this year's group of MD Club players attending the Community Huddles below!


The FCA MD coaches from all of our club teams come together once a month to share in a time of fellowship. During this time our coaches who are all in different walks of life get to share experiences in their faith and challenge each other to grow. 

For the 2017-2018 Coaches Huddles, we are walking through the 3Dimensional Coaching series. 3D Coaching was developed in partnership with FCA with the purpose to maximize coaches influence for good. To do so coaches must be clear about why they coach. 3D Coaches impart life-changing messages and develop coaching strategies to help athletes develop holistically. A clear understanding of your transformational purpose is foundational to effectively using the 3D Coaching framework. 

The 3D Coaching framework empowers coaches to fulfill their transformational purpose by helping them internally focus on three different dimensions:

  • 1st Dimension: Fundamentally sound
  • 2nd Dimension: Skilled at coaching the mind
  • 3rd Dimension: Focused on developing the heart

Coaches must seek to understand how outside cultural influences and pressures, along with their own individual experiences, have shaped their understanding of why they coach. It's by embarking on a deliberate journey of discovery that a clarity of purpose begins to emerge. We hope that through the 3D Coaching series our FCA MD with have a better understanding of why they coach and the impact they can individually have on our players and the lacrosse culture. 


Huddle Leaders

The FCA Maryland Club program exists to provide highly dedicated and skilled youth lacrosse players the opportunity to compete at a high level and grow in their relationship with God. Our Huddle Leaders play a powerful role in those relationships, as they are on the front lines of our ministry leading players in lacrosse development, discipleship, and friendships.

Each summer, a current college lacrosse player will serve as a Huddle Leader for all of our club teams. The Huddle Leader will participate in every part of their summer season; practices, tournaments and fellowship events. During their time with the team, a Huddle Leader's main responsibility will be leading the team huddles, connecting with the players and individually coaching them in matters both on and off the field. These young men will serve as as a role models for the FCA MD Club players with the intention to use the summer as an opportunity to impact their life for the better!

FCA MD Captains

The Captains Program is the next step for FCA MD Lacrosse players to fulfill our club purpose of "developing Christ-centered leaders in the lacrosse community who maximize their God-given purpose and potential on and off the field." Captains are the future Huddle Leaders, coaches and ambassadors of FCA Lacrosse. The Captains Program develops, trains and equips current and former FCA MD Lacrosse players for leadership within the FCA MD Lacrosse Ministry.

For more information on what it means to be an FCA MD Captain please visit the Captains Program Page


Parent's Man Up

For each parent involved in the FCA MD Club program, a bi-weekly Parent's Man Up is sent out by email. The Parent's Man Up email serves as a tool to inform the entire club of upcoming events, what they should be aware of, current headlines, and most importantly a devotional catered the a parent the lacrosse world. As club, every week through the Parent's Man Up we are unified through the devotional and communication presented that continues to allow for growth relationally and spiritually to all individuals invovled with the FCA MD Club.

Word of the Day

At each FCA MD tournament, the parents and families receive a Word of the Day from an FCA MD Leader. This Word of the Day gives those supporting the FCA MD Club team a component of ministry. Each day of the tournament the Word of the Day will be distributed which includes a theme word, verse(s) associated with the word, a message, and a challenge  to challenge the perspective of the spectator that day. 

We believe that it is not just the coaches and athletes who have an opportunity to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Our hope is that through the Word of the Day our FCA MD Club Program can be unified in one word, one message, and one task for that day as we represent FCA MD Lacrosse in the tournament.